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Meetings & Building Sessions

SPAAR holds monthly business meetings from 6 PM to 8 PM on the third Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted in the SPAAR calendar). This is where the business operations of the club are discussed, equipment decisions and schedules are made and the general exchange of rocketry info conducted. All members are welcome to attend and share in the meetings.

Primary Meeting Location

The residence of Tom Aument (Club President):

Please Email Tom for more information

Meeting Minutes


Feb 10th, 2024


April 10th, 2023   June 12th, 2023   August 7th, 2023

Sept 11th, 2023  Oct 9th, 2023  Nov 11th, 2023   Dec 11th, 2023


Aug 8th, 2022   Sept 22, 2022   Oct 10, 2022   Nov 14th, 2022   Dec 12th, 2022