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The Southern Pennsylvania Area Association of Rocketry (SPAAR) is a chartered section of the National Association of Rocketry.

We are based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and have active members in South-Central Pennsylvania and Northeastern Maryland. SPAAR holds monthly sport launches and meetings in and around the Lancaster Area. We sponsor the Regional Aerospace Meet to Encourage Competition, RAMTEC, as well as NAR sanctioned record trials in the spring and late summer at our Penn Manor launch facility.

Membership in SPAAR is open to all persons with an interest in rocketry. Interested in joining? Click here for additional information.

Message To Club Members:
Next Event, Launch at Hambright Elementary School, Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 1 PM till 4 PM

Club Updates

None at this time...

Upcoming Events:
12.02.2023Launch at Manor Middle schoolLaunch at Hambright Elementary School west of the soccer fields13:0016:00West of the soccer fields at Hambright Elementary School, 3000 Charlestown Road, Lancaster, PA 17603
12.11.2023Monthly Board Meeting at Tom's HouseMonthly Board Meeting at Tom's House Election of Board Officers06:0020:00Tom's House, 1023 Stonemanor Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603
02.10.2024Breakfast at Tony'sBreakfast at Tony's. Movie, conversation, discussion 09:0012:00Tony Rossi's house
03.02.2024Launch at Hambright Elementary SchoolRocket launch at Hambright Elementary School13:0016:00Hambright Elementary School, 3000 Charlestown /road, Lancaster, PA 17603
03.09.2024Clean out the trailerAnnual clean out the trailer at Tom's house10:0012:00Tom's house, 1023 Stonemanor Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603

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